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  • Looking for Agent handling Temporary Import/Export/Clearing

    Good day

    We have an enquiry regarding a temporary import/export in Namibia and would like to find out the follow information.

    Based on the below shipment details, can we get the info for
    1. Possibility of Temp import & clearing time.
    2. How long temp import will be valid for and can it be extended?
    3. The % of VAT and Duties payable, how long it takes to recover VATs and Duties once temp import has been re-exported.
    4. Is there any special requirements?

    Shipment Details:
    HS Code: 9015.8
    Value: $51 312,17
    Refer export authorization number ZAFTN14-01029-1"
    Inco Term: CPT

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  • Sea&Air Freight Forwarder
  • 2022-01-20

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  • Looking for agents from Namibia

    "Hi, please help connect with partner in Namibia for clearance and delivery of below shipment

    1 box of KEEP COOL (2 – 8C) items with total gross weight of 3,3 Kgs / 41 X 36 X 36 cms

    1 box of GENERAL CARGO items with total gross weight of 15 Kgs / 59 X 39 X 40 cms

    1 box of KEEP FROZEN (-20C) items with total gross weight of 7.5 Kgs / 41 X 36 X 36 cms

    Delivery Address: FAO Representation in Namibia 38-44 Stein Street - Klein, PO Box 24185 2nd Floor UN House 9000 Windhoek Namibia"
    Please send email to

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  • Others
  • 2021-11-11

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