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  • Looking for an international agent (UK , China , USA Germany , Canada

    ALLGATE LOGISTICS LTD is expert & Certified International Forwarder, Courier & Travel Agent headquarters are located in Dhaka, Bangladesh as well as we have a branch office at London, UK.

    From here we offer our extensive services to our customers all over the world. With our extremely expert solutions, we will find the optimal transport route for you: ocean freight, air freight or land transport, supply chain solutions, cross-border or combination solutions – with our intelligent logistics concept, we build bridges to the most distant places and create paths where actually there are none. With a neutral customs agency in our company, you benefit from professional customs clearance of your goods regardless of the mail order business. We look forward to advising you comprehensively on the topics of sea freight, air freight and land transport.

    As an accredited intermediary in your logistics chain we keep the promise you gave to your customers- JUST-IN-TIME.

    Our main vision is to be a customer FIRST CHOICE by providing premier service.

  • Looking for an agent

  • Sea&Air Freight Forwarder
  • 2021-06-20

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  • Looking for agents from Canada

    We need an agent from Canada to assist our DDU query.



    Carrier: Evergreen
    Commodity : Incandescent bulb
    HSN: : 7011101000
    Weight : 19-20 MT
    Type : 1 x 40HC
    Dispatching location: 3379 248 ST Langley, BC, Canada V4W1X7 my mailbox:

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  • Others
  • 2021-06-18

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  • Looking for agents from Chile

    We need an agent from Chile to assist our query. POL : SAN ANTONIO PORT

    Commodity : WINE
    Weight : 15 MT
    Type : 1 x 20’

    We need space/equip availability confirmation along with 14days freetime at destination.
    Rate should inclusive of All Destination Surcharge like: PCS/CIC, etc.

    My mailbox:

  • Looking for an agent

  • Sea Freight Forwarder
  • 2021-06-18

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  • Looking for agents from Chile

    I need the partner in Chile who can custom clear the cargo, do the door delivery at the below address, de-stuff the container and bring the container back to the port

    971,Las Condes Santiago ZIP Code:7550427 CHILE

    Please email to

  • Looking for an agent

  • Others
  • 2021-06-18

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