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Logistics network

Connect with agents in the network for new business. Improve your sales, airfreight, and seafreight operations. Enhance your customer service and competitiveness. GLA professional staffs will support you find the right partners. GLA is full of logistics specialist.You can get solution for your complicated shipping case when needed no matter where you are.

Conference meeting

GLA conference offers its own unique benefits and opportunities to members one-on-One scheduler ensures members meet the right people for maximum results GLA conference is the good platform to advertize your services.

Customer services

Logistics specialist supports your logistics solution Third country services supports. Partner introductions and recommendations overseas and Local market knowledge to help your business grow. Marketing strategy advice and advertisement design.

Marketing and Promotion

GLA supports its members with exclusive marketing and promotion resources, including customized strategies for visibility on its website, social media, newsletters, and trade shows. Members benefit from a global reach and innovative tools to succeed in the competitive logistics industry.

Lower Insurance cost

GLA offers to members lower insurance premium.

Financial support

GLA provides financial protection to its members through its Payment Protection Plan (PPP), which safeguards against non-payment and ensures secure transactions between members.