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  • Air Export rate

    Air freight rate ex DAC-LHR Commodity RMG Apparels 500 & 1000Kgs slabs US 2.40ALL In Per Kg on EK QR EY WY KU GF TK SV Transit time 3-4 days

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  • 2022-11-12

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    Dear Partner If you are planning a shipment in November from Poland to ICN NRt DEL BOM BKK we invite you to check our service on the LO carrier with the following promotion for November or to check rates on other carriers. Feel free to contact us.

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  • 2022-10-25

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  • Air Promo WAW-PEK

    Below is a promotional offer for the LO Smart Service: WAW - PEK, valid for general cargo until 30.SEP.2022. Terms: FOB

    Please feel free to contact us and enquire.

    Airfreight from WAW to PEK by LO Smart Service:
    +45kg: 3,65 EUR/kg + MCC: 0,90 EUR/kg by c.w.
    1cbm = 167kg
    AWB & AMS fee: 20,00 EUR
    Rates valid only for general, stackable cargo - batteries liquids, military and dual use products & any DG goods not accept
    All bookings are subject to capacity availability
    RATES VALID TO 30.SEP.2022

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  • 2022-09-05

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