Sponsor Quantity USD Details
Souvenir Sponsor 1 Negotiation

Sponsored Name: Souvenirs sponsor

Sponsored Benefits:

1 Sponsor enterprises can be produced souvenirs or gifts handed over to the organizing committee, the committee distributed to each participant,

2 Depending on your needs can also tailor-made for you, until you are satisfied, save time, effort, worry, Allow participants to experience the advantages of sponsor products.

Brand Booth First come, first served USD2,300

Sponsored Name:Brand Booth

Sponsored Benefits:

1 One Stand Tables , 2 chairs

2 2*roll up banner

3 Provides power, WIFI, sponsors can bring their own computer, information, and other gifts

Brand Advertising fan  1 USD2,600

Sponsored Name:brand advertisers

Sponsored Benefits:

1 Participants staffing a customer

2 Professional design, high-quality fine print

3 High visibility, good branding

Refreshments Sponsor  1 USD2,600

Sponsored Name:Refreshments Sponsor

Sponsored Benefits:

1 Sponsor invitations to write provider company name, from the beginning to now during the summit to 224 countries and regions worldwide publicity

2 Free advertisement for 3 months in GLA home page

3 During conference, the main screen displays the LOGO of Title sponsor

4 Company logo and introduction advertises in the file folder and enclosed company files

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2019 the 7th GLA Global Logistics Conference

2018 the 6th GLA Global Logistics Conference

2017 the 5th GLA Global Logistics Conference

2017 the 4th GLA Global Logistics Conference

2016 the 3th GLA Global Logistics Conference

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