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The 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference 2023: Uniting Logistics Leaders Worldwide in Hainan, China

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Haikou, China - 16th - 18th November, 2023 - The 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference, organized by the GLA Global Logistics Alliance (GLA Family), has successfully concluded at the Hainan International Convention & Exhibition Center in Haikou, China. The conference, held at the Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP), witnessed the participation of over 2000 delegates from 130+ countries, making it the international largest logistics event in Asia.


The Conference facilitated the expansion of the professional logistics network, offering attendees an unmatched opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies and solutions. 

The conference demonstrated its global impact with the engagement of 2000+ delegates from 130+ countries, featuring 300+ booths unveiling cutting-edge logistics technologies. 

The 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference showcased cutting-edge logistics technology and promoted the widespread application of smart logistics globally, fostering coordinated economic development and progression towards higher quality standards. More than 30 mainstream media representatives including Xinhua News Agency, China News Network, People's Daily, China Economic Times, People's Daily Online, China and Foreign Economic News Network, Hainan Daily, Hainan Provincial Television, Sansha Satellite TV, etc. covered the event and praised its offerings to the logistics industry worldwide.


Key Personalities & Speakers

The  9th  GLA  Global  Logistics  Conference  was  graced  by  the  presence  of  more  than  40 government leaders, business executives, heads of chambers of commerce from around the world,  along  with  over  2,000  representatives  of  international  supply  chains,  and  logistics professionals  from   130+   countries.  Key  guests  included  GLA  Global  Logistics  Alliance President  Ms.  Grace  Sun,  Former Vice  Chairman of  Hainan Provincial People's Congress Standing  Committee  Mr.  Lu  Zhiyuan,  Former  Deputy  Minister  of  China's  Ministry  of Commerce    Mr.    Zhang     Zhigang,    Vice    President     of    China    Communications    and Transportation   Association    (Deputy    Ministerial    level)    Mr.   Jiang    Ruigang,    Former Director-General  of the  European  Affairs  Department of the Ministry of Commerce and President  of  China  Association  for  Trade Mr.  Wang  Junwen,   Director of the Service Trade Division, Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce and concurrently the Director of the Hainan Provincial Service Trade Bureau  Mr.  Fan  Lifeng,  Deputy  Director-General  of  Hainan International Economic Development Bureau Mr. Yang Shanhua, Deputy Secretary-General of Haikou  Municipal  Government  Mr.  Chen  Li,  Deputy  Director  of  Haikou  International Investment Promotion Bureau Mr. Xing Ying, Deputy District Mayor of Wanzhou District People's  Government of Chongqing Mr. Liu Xiaoquan, Deputy Secretary-General of Linyi Municipal  Government,  Party  Secretary  of  Municipal  Sports  Bureau,  and  Director  of Municipal   Exhibition  Economy  Special  Team   Mr.  Zhang   Xiaomeng,  Director General  H.E. CHHIENG Pich , General department of logistics Secretariat of National logistics Council  Ministry of Public Works & Transport in Cambodia 

 Chairman  of  ASEAN-China  Chamber  of  Commerce  Mr.  Yang  Tianhua, Chairman  of  CROSS  FREIGHT  Internationale  Mr. Jens  Sorgenfrei,  Chairman of Cambodia Freight   Forwarders   Association   Mr.   Kep   Kompheak, Chairman of Singapore Transport Association Mr. Lim  Kian  Chin,  Mr.  Lu  Cheng Yang, Vice Chairman of  Myanmar Logistics Association Mr. Kyaw  Lwin  Oo,  and  Secretary-General  Ms.  Ohn  Mar  Maw,  President  of  China-Eurasia Business  Council   Mr.  Chyngyz  Sherniazov  and  the   Delegation  from   Kyrgyzstan,  Vice President  of Foton Motor Group marketing and Spokesperson Mr. Liu Xuguang, Academician of the World Academy of Productivity Science and Professor at the Central Party School Mr. Li Deshen,   Director  of   Logistics  Office  of  Wanzhou   District,  Chongqing   Mr.  Xiang   Qin, President of Logistics and Purchasing Federation of Luohe City Mr. Li Chenglu, Chairman of Shenzhen   Logistics  Association   Mr.  Wang   Liqiang,   and   Mr.   Li  Youping  Secretary-General of   Hainan Provincial  Logistics  Association,  Secretary-General  of  Hainan  Provincial Communications and Transportation Association, Mr. Meng qingyu. 


Left: [Mr. Lu Zhiyuan, former deputy director of the Hainan Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee]

Right: [Ms. Grace Sun, Executive Chairman of the Global Federation of Logistics Enterprises and President of GLA Global Logistics Alliance]


Left: [Mr. Zhang Zhigang, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce of China]

Right: [Mr. Jiang Ruigang, Vice President (Deputy Ministerial Level) of China Communications and Transportation Association]


Left: [Mr. Chen Li, Deputy Secretary-General of Haikou Municipal Government]

Right:[Director General H.E. CHHIENG Pich , General department of logistics Secretariat of National logistics Council  Ministry of Public Works & Transport in Cambodia]

The 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference owed its success to the invaluable support of its esteemed sponsors, Foton Motors Group and ASB Logistics. Their unwavering support serves as a clear testament to their commitment to fostering collaboration and actively contributing to the continuous improvement of global logistics practices. 


We wish to express our sincere appreciation to Foton Motors from China, Cross Freight from Germany, Green Trans from China Taiwan, One Globe from Singapore, Trans Wagon from China Taiwan, DGS Logistics from Vietnam, ASB from China and OLIFS from Mozambique for graciously assuming the role of cornerstone sponsors for the 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference. 


Ms. Grace Sun, the Founder of the GLA Global Logistics Alliance (GLA Family), set the tone by welcoming guests and emphasizing the critical need for a joint commitment to shaping the future of the global logistics industry. She said, “As long as enterprises from all over the world work together and advance hand in hand, they will surely be able to achieve development through collaboration and enjoy prosperity through development!”


The 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference-Event Highlights 

The 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference featured a vibrant Cocktail Reception, insightful Summit Forum discussions, an elegant Gala Dinner, impactful One-on-One Meetings, spirited Sports Events, and an immersive City Tour, creating a dynamic blend of professional networking and cultural engagement.

Important Announcements

The conference not only marked the beginning of the conference but also set the tone for exploring innovative approaches to address the evolving challenges in the logistics sector. The formal yet inviting atmosphere of the event created a conducive environment for networking and sharing valuable insights within the logistics community.

Signing Ceremony of Strategic Framework

The GLA Global Logistics Alliance (GLA Family) has once again demonstrated its commitment to fostering global connectivity and collaboration with the successful strategic framework signing ceremony. 

At the global partner signing ceremony, the GLA Global Logistics Alliance and the Global Logistics Enterprise Federation formally entered into a strategic framework cooperation agreement with international partners representing nations and regions, including Italy, Malaysia, the United States, Australia, Germany, China, and others.


[The 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference Co-organizer: Foton Motors]


[The 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference Global Partner: YTO International Express and Supply Chain Technology Limited]




[The opening ceremony and signing ceremony of the 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference]

The 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference - New Product Launch

During the new product launch, GLA grandly launched new professional logistics network products such as bulk logistics, emergency logistics, medical logistics, and dangerous chemicals logistics, aiming to improve the logistics network system, share network resources, and create a logistics ecosystem together., aiming to improve the logistics network system, share network resources, and jointly create a logistics ecosystem.

As GLA believes, "Together We Rise, We Shine."


The 10th GLA Global Logistics Conference - Dubai 

The GLA Global Logistics Conference, held for eight years, has been a beacon for logistics partners from over 170 countries, seeking opportunities in the global  market. 

The 10th GLA Global Logistics Conference is scheduled to take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from April 29 to May 1, 2024. 1500+ participants from 100+ countries having 200+ booths and 40,000+ one-on-one meetings, will be attending this conference,  marking a new chapter in global logistics.


About GLA Global Logistics Alliance (GLA Family)

GLA Global Logistics Alliance is a global network of logistics and freight forwarding companies representing over 170+ countries. With a membership of more than 7,000, GLA serves as a leading platform for collaboration, business development, and knowledge sharing in the logistics industry. The annual GLA Global Logistics Conference is one of the flagship events, attracting logistics professionals, industry leaders, and partners from around the world. For more information, visit our website at

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