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  • The total volume of global trade cargos may increase

    Time: 2021-04-14 | Publisher: Kevin

    WTO predicts that global trade will continue to rebound this year and next two years. At present, because of the different prevention and control of the epidemic in various countries, the outlook for global trade becomes uncertain.Global trade shows a positive trendWTO analysis that this trend is due to the development o...

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  • Global trade will continue to recover

    Time: 2021-04-12 | Publisher: Kevin

    WTO have published a report that last year the performance of global trade was better than expectation.It predicts the global trade amount will increase 8% and 4% respectively.According to the annual report from WTO.North America will become the main region of global cargo need because of the policy.At the same time,The quanti...

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  • Logistics business: reasons to join the network group

    Time: 2021-04-08 | Publisher: Kevin

    Each logistics business aims to increase sales and expand market scope. Although to make this goal requires a combination of marketing, networking and sales, there are still some strategies that can simplify this process for freight forwarders. In today's blog post, we will specifically discuss one of these...

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  • The importance of customer service in logistics and freight forwarding

    Time: 2021-04-06 | Publisher: Kevin

    As we all know, in the service industry, the way to differentiate you from other competitors and enhance your company's reputation is to make your customers satisfied with your service, so that the return rate will be high. In today's global economy, they usually set very high standards when it comes to the quality of services o...

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  • Freight forwarding: the best way to develop freight forwarding business

    Time: 2021-04-02 | Publisher: Kevin

    To develop a freight forwarding business, you can do several things, but most of them involve establishing a solid freight forwarding network. In other words, rely on reliable partners to represent your customers' logistics needs on a global scale.Only with a list of global forwarding connections can your business expand its covera...

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  • Four global supply chain and logistics trends in 2021

    Time: 2021-03-31 | Publisher: Kevin

    2020 is one of the most difficult and challenging years in modern history. So far, 2.2 million people have officially died of COVID-19 and more than 100 million people have been infected. Fundamental changes have taken place in our way of working, living, and entertainment, leading to rapid development in some regions (such as our ...

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  • Supply chain logistics: how it affects the freight forwarding business

    Time: 2021-03-29 | Publisher: Kevin

    Regardless of the department, most organizations need to propose a supply chain logistics process to succeed in the market. Do you know what this means? Fundamentally, this means creating an integrated process that covers all phases of the company's operations: from the planning and production phase to the delivery of goo...

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  • Port innovation: catchingup with logistics market trends

    Time: 2021-03-26 | Publisher: Kevin

    Can you imagine that a ship can successfully unload at the port without anyone operating it? However, this situation really happened at Caofeidian Port in Beijing, China. With the continuous development of technology and the advent of the digital age, it has affected the logistics business, and most importantly, it is being used fo...

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