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  • A new round of strike is about to begin at the port of Liverpool and Port Felixto

    Time: 2022-09-30 | Publisher: Kevin

    At present, the strike of British port workers affects the progress of global shipping. The supply chain has been congested by strikes at Felixstow Port and Liverpool Port.(Related reading: Liverpool Port in England has started a two-week strike, which may affect container transport in the country)It is reported that the Unit...

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  • Cargo transfer, NY/NZ port may become the busiest port

    Time: 2022-09-28 | Publisher: Kevin

    At present, in the United States, the cargo of ports is gradually transferred from the west coast to the east coast. This brings a lot of pressure to NY/NZ port on the east coast.It is reported that in August this year, the container throughput of NY/NZ Port was 843191TEU, that of Long Beach Port was 806940TEU, and...

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  • Container freight rates continue to weaken, will the era of sea freight windfall profits end?

    Time: 2022-09-27 | Publisher: Kevin

    Global inflation, US interest rate hikes and the Russia Ukraine war have continued to impact the purchasing power of European and American consumers, and container shipping rates have fallen for 15 consecutive weeks.With the global economic recession, the cost of transporting goods from China has hit a new low in nearly two years...

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  • Matson cancels China California Express (CCX) service

    Time: 2022-09-26 | Publisher: Kevin

    At present, due to the continuous decline in cargo volume, the ocean freight to the United States is gradually declining. The shipping company has taken many measures to deal with this.It is understood that due to the sharp drop in freight rates on the trans Pacific route, Mattson has closed its China California Express (CCX)...

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  • Liverpool Port in England has started a two-week strike, which may affect container transport in the country

    Time: 2022-09-23 | Publisher: Kevin

    After the trade union and the port operator failed to reach the latest salary agreement, the dock workers at Liverpool Port in the UK began a two-week strike on the evening of Monday (19th).The union said that its members would stay on strike until October 3 to ask for a salary increase to match the inflation rate. They will stri...

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  • Coincidentally, the import volume of Long Beach Port in the United States also declined

    Time: 2022-09-22 | Publisher: Kevin

    The head of Long Beach, the second largest port in the United States, predicted that the hot consumer demand during the epidemic was cooling down, and the arrival of inbound containers in the United States began to decrease significantly.It is understood that the imports of Long Beach Port in the United States have declined f...

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  • Empty containers began to pile up in European and American ports

    Time: 2022-09-21 | Publisher: Kevin

    Christian Roelofs, CEO of Container xChange, said that at present, more and more empty containers are piling up in the port yards of Europe and the United States.It said that the problem caused by the accumulation of empty containers in American ports was unlikely to be solved before 2023.At present, the major shipping compan...

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  • The import volume of Los Angeles Port dropped sharply in August

    Time: 2022-09-20 | Publisher: Kevin

    During the epidemic, two major ports on the west coast of the United States handled most of the local container cargo. Congestion is more frequent.Now, however, with the gradual decline of shipping costs, the import volume of Los Angeles Port is also gradually decreasing.As the largest container port in the United States, the P...

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