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  • Freight rates fell and the shipping market stabilized?

    Time: 2021-10-19 | Publisher: Kevin

    In the recent period of time, trans Pacific routes have been rising. Until a few days before October, sea freight prices suddenly fell sharply. Some data show that the decline in three days is equivalent to the rise in three months, and the popular routes fell by nearly 22%. Is the peak season of container transportation market...

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  • The container accumulation in Savannah port is serious, and the shipping company chooses to jump the port

    Time: 2021-10-18 | Publisher: Kevin

    In North America, containers are still piling up in ports, which makes port operation very difficult.Not only in port Los Angeles and long beach. According to the New York Times, the container accumulation at Savannah port, the third largest container port in the United States, is also very serious.According to statistics, n...

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  • US President Joe Biden pushed the port to operate 24 / 7

    Time: 2021-10-15 | Publisher: Kevin

    We all know that the global supply chain situation is tense. Especially in the United States, port congestion has a huge impact on the retail industry.Recently, foreign media reported that US President Biden met with the heads of Los Angeles port and Long Beach port. And announced that the two ports will start 24-hour all-we...

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  • Severe congestion in Vancouver Port, Canada

    Time: 2021-10-14 | Publisher: Kevin

    During this time, there have been varying degrees of congestion in many ports around the world. This makes many container ships wait at sea for more than a few months. Recently, another country's port has experienced a serious congestion crisis. In just a few weeks, there was a crisis in the operation of Vancouver Port in C...

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  • China's port congestion eased and freight rates fell briefly

    Time: 2021-10-13 | Publisher: Kevin

    The sharp rise in freight rates caused by global port congestion has been going on for some time. Especially the freight of trans Pacific route.However, the congestion of Chinese ports has been alleviated a lot, and the spot freight rate on the west coast of Asia and the United States has also dropped. But port congestion in the ...

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  • Global port congestion leads to a serious shortage of transport capacity

    Time: 2021-10-12 | Publisher: Kevin

    Global port congestion continues. So how serious is the current global port congestion? The following data can explain everything. According to the data of sea intelligence, a shipping consulting agency, in August this year, nearly 3.1 million TEU capacity was lost due to port congestion. What is more surprising is that...

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  • The return of empty containers is suspended at major British ports

    Time: 2021-10-11 | Publisher: Kevin

    Faced with the impact of the epidemic and high import demand, many ports around the world have fallen into varying degrees of congestion. British ports are one of them.It is understood that Britain's major container ports are full of containers, and no one claims the goods inside. At the same time, other Nordic ports have also e...

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  • Warning! There were strikes in the ports of the two countries

    Time: 2021-10-09 | Publisher: Kevin

    Now the epidemic situation in many countries around the world shows signs of rebound. Coupled with the arrival of the peak season of goods import demand, many ports are congested.The frequent strikes have exacerbated the congestion.Australian port workers declared a strikeRecently, the Australian Maritime alliance MUA announced ...

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