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  • Port congestion in South Asia is serious, and importers and exporters suffer heavy losses

    Time: 2021-07-28 | Publisher: Kevin

    With the relative improvement of the epidemic situation, the global freight demand surged, which also made the port unprecedentedly lively.  However, relevant people pointed out that due to the current insufficient transport capacity of the port to meet the huge freight demand and the shortage of containers, many ports have congest...

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  • Hong Kong ports have also suffered, and congestion has made shippers bear high freight costs

    Time: 2021-07-27 | Publisher: Kevin

    At present, most ports in the world are facing congestion, which affects the transport capacity and makes the sea freight rising. However, with the recovery of international trade driving international freight, the rising demand has also exacerbated the rise of freight rates. Shippers have to choose to book space at a high price i...

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  • In order to meet the peak demand season, the pressure on the shipping industry still exists

    Time: 2021-07-26 | Publisher: Kevin

    According to the statistics of relevant personnel, the port capacity of the United States will continue to rise and is expected to continue until 2022.The Baltic International Shipping Association (BIMCO) pointed out that with the arrival of the peak trade season, the demand for imported goods is also rising, and this phenome...

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  • Will Hamburg Port become China's largest trade partner?

    Time: 2021-07-23 | Publisher: Kevin

    The person in charge of Hamburg Port operation said that in the next few years, China EU railway freight business is willing to continuing to maintain rapid growth, and Hamburg Port has broad prospects for cooperation with China. Mattern, chief executive officer of Hamburg Port marketing, said that China Europe train is...

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  • Massive riots in South Africa seriously affect the operation of the port of Durban

    Time: 2021-07-22 | Publisher: Kevin

    2021 is destined to be an extraordinary year. Large scale riots have taken place in many countries, which have a great impact on the country's politics and economy. In terms of supply chain, the impact is also huge.The recent massive riots in South Africa have caused great damage to the country's supply chain.Fuse: former pr...

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  • How should port operators deal with port congestion in Australia and New Zealand?

    Time: 2021-07-21 | Publisher: Kevin

    Recently, congestion has occurred in many ports, which makes the price of ship freight rising. This phenomenon is also true in Sydney port in Australia and Auckland port in New Zealand. The sudden congestion of Sydney and Auckland ports and the huge import demand make the shipper have to bear the high freight, and the carri...

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  • The rising price of the ship makes the carrier speed up the voyage

    Time: 2021-07-20 | Publisher: Kevin

    Now, due to the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation, the shipping industry has recovered greatly, and traders in many countries have started their work. Ships on the sea are in close contact with each other, and many ports are very busy.It is precisely because of this upsurge that the container ship market is very hot now. L...

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  • The peak season of container shipping is coming. Are you ready for it?

    Time: 2021-07-19 | Publisher: Kevin

    At the end of May this year, a new round of epidemic occurred in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, which greatly impacted Yantian port, the largest port in Shenzhen. Workers all need to go home for isolation, The sudden rebound of the epidemic has led to chaos in the operation of many ports. A large number of containers a...

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