1.General Members
-Two months extension of membership period for existing members
-Join GLA now, receive 12 months + 2 months of extension

2.Membership Renewal
-If members decided to renew their contract now, they can either choose a discount or receive an extension between 1 to 3 months of GLA membership.
-Renewal members from choosing (2 + 1) or Global-Partner plan can now choose either one of the following gifts:
1)Half year (6 months) of membership extension
2)3 months of advertisement from GLA platforms.

3.GLA Global Logistics Conference
-Renew an annual contract of membership, receive a GLA conference gift card of between USD50 to USD100.
-Renew 2+1 contract of membership, choose one of the following benefits:
1)GLA Conference gift card of between USD100 to USD200
2)ROLL-UP Banner Advertisement

4.Advertisement for Global Marketing Purposes:
1)We encourage you (members) to share your best action cases, in order to help yourself in promotion via EDM Marketing by our GLA team. This can greatly improve the company image and engagement between members and GLA network.