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The total volume of global trade cargos may increase

Time:2021-04-14 Publisher:Kevin Num:246

WTO predicts that global trade will continue to rebound this year and next two years. 

At present, because of the different prevention and control of the epidemic in various countries, the outlook for global trade becomes uncertain.


Global trade shows a positive trend

WTO analysis that this trend is due to the development of vaccines, which has given many companies and consumers hope.

Since the second half of last year, the major economies took some relevant economic measures and achieved remarkable results, 

It could reanimate the consumption and thus boosted the demand for imports and exports. 

Some companies are still able to maintain normal operations during the epidemic.

The WTO report also shows that global trade will pick up steadily this year. 

From the perspective of supply, it is estimated that the export volume of goods in Asia will be around 8.4%, and that in Europe, Africa and other regions will also be around 8%. 

From the perspective of demand, it is expected that the import volume of goods in North America will be around 11.4%, and that in regions such as Europe and South America will be around 8%.

The WTO also believes that if the vaccine is widely vaccinated, the global economy in the first half of this year will increase by 1% on the previous basis, 

And in the second half of the year, the world is expected to return to the level before the epidemic.

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Trade-related measures continue to be introduced

Under the circumstance of the epidemic, the WTO has introduced many measures to promote trade,such as promoting electronic trade, ensuring the supply of anti-epidemic materials, etc., Through these measures to ensure the normal development of global trade.

During the epidemic prevention period, e-commerce has developed rapidly, which has played an indispensable role in promoting the sustainable development of global trade. 

At present, Economic digitization is constantly evolving E-commerce and digital economy may become the two driving engines that promote trade and even the economy.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development also issued a report stating that through a statistical survey of 125 economies around the world, during the epidemic prevention and control period.

Many countries have introduced some trade-related measures to make global trade recover as soon as possible.

The report also emphasizes that convenient trade measures are also essential to guarantee the global supply of medical equipment.

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