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Logistics business: reasons to join the network group

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Each logistics business aims to increase sales and expand market scope. Although to make this goal requires a combination of marketing, networking and sales, there are still some strategies that can simplify this process for freight forwarders. In today's blog post, we will specifically discuss one of these strategies: joining the logistics network group.


If you are not yet familiar with the concept of logistics networks, here is a brief explanation: they are digital platforms that gather freight forwarders from all over the  world to give them a safe environment to set up partnerships and exchange business. To join one of these groups, you are required to pay a membership fee so that you have full access to their platform and all the tools they give.


After becoming a member, you can enjoy a number of benefits, and there are trusted sources to find freight forwarders where you need them. After all, when working with another logistics company, ensuring their expertise is critical to the success of your business.


If you still want to know why you want to make this investment and become part of the logistics network, check out the main reasons below!


Reasons for your logistics business to join the network


1) Better choose your partner 


As mentioned above, the quality of your partners can say a lot about the solutions provided by your logistics business. When establishing a cooperative relationship with a foreign freight forwarder, you may find it difficult to decide whether a company is reliable. After all, you probably won't have the opportunity to meet them in person before closing the deal.


The logistics network is the solution to this problem. In addition to saving the time you need to do your own research when you need a partner abroad, this will also increase your chances of successful partnership. Some organizations (such as GLA Family Network) have a strict selection process and make sure that only top freight forwarders from each country/region are accepted into their platform. Therefore, by becoming a member of a good network, you will have a simple and safe way to develop logistics partnerships around the world.



2) Access special tools for logistics business


The network usually constantly proposes tools to increase the participation of its members on the platform. These tools range from interactive internal areas (allowing members to easily search and communicate with each other) to reward programs that offer prizes to the companies that do the most business in the entire community. After becoming a member, you will have exclusive access to these tools and even have more resources to develop into a freight forwarder. 



3) Have the opportunity to take part in the annual meeting


In addition to providing the safest way to prove long-term partnerships with international freight forwarders, logistics networks have further expanded the logistics network: they have also facilitated the development of annual meetings, and members have the opportunity to meet in person. Events such as GLA Summit are great opportunities to strengthen relationships with current partners and establish new strategic connections through face-to-face meetings and exciting social events with you.



4) Get more business opportunities


When investing in network membership fees, you naturally want to get a return on profit. The good news is that logistics networks are a great way to increase your business opportunities and therefore increase your income. In addition to giving you the opportunity to find a good partner online, they will also increase the chance that a freight forwarder in your area will find your company. This means that once you become a member of the logistics network, you are likely to get more business opportunities.



5) More credibility to your customers


In such an overcrowded market, it is always a good thing to find a way to differentiate your logistics business from the competition. By becoming part of a well-known network, you already have a competitive advantage, because potential customers know that your business will be able to effectively meet their needs anywhere in the world through a reliable partnership. In addition, you can add the network's logo to the company's website and marketing materials, and even publish news on its blog. All these will make your company more credible in the market!


As you can see, there are many reasons for your logistics business to join the network.


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