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Welcome! New GLA Golden Member from South Africa ———— Avion Logistics

Time:2024-07-09 Publisher:Kevin Num:323

It is our great honor to announce that Avion Logistics has joined GLA Family as a golden member from South Africa, If you need South Africa service, you can feel free to contact Mrs. Janita Lubbe.

About Avion Logistics

Avión Logistics is a global Freight Forwarding Company based in Gauteng, South Africa.

We specialize in providing comprehensive supply chain solutions to businesses across various industries. With a strong commitment to efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Avión has established itself as a trusted partner for companies seeking seamless Freight Forwarding services.

We guarantee professional and timely handling of your freight, ensuring cost-effectiveness every step of the way.

With our commitment to competitive pricing, quality services, and unmatched flexibility, your shipping needs are in capable hands. We can assist with all Imports and Exports, Air, Sea and Road. 

Let's warmly welcome Avion Logistics to join GLA Family from 2024 to 2025.

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