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Trade has roads, logistics has no borders

GLA Global Travel in Vietnam and China-Vietnam Logistics and Trade Enterprise Cooperation Forum were successfully held.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that China and Vietnam are socialist friendly neighbors connected by mountains and rivers. In recent years, economic and trade cooperation between the two countries has continued to deepen. China has been Vietnam's largest trading partner, the largest import market, and the second-largest export market for several consecutive years. The two sides have reached far-reaching consensus in expanding economic and trade exchanges and sharing new opportunities for open development.


Vietnam Conference Group Photo

Based on the global perspective and focusing on ASEAN - from June 22nd to 24th, 2023, the first stop of the GLA Global Travel landed in Vietnam, and the China-Vietnam Logistics and Trade Enterprise Cooperation Forum was successfully concluded simultaneously. This forum aims to promote active dialogue between business leaders of China and Vietnam, as well as international logistics entrepreneurs. Through high-level exchanges, economic and trade negotiations, and industrial docking, it further enhances the stability and integration of the international logistics industry chain and continuously consolidates development consensus and promotes pragmatic cooperation.


Vietnam Conference Group Photo

In the conference, Ms Grace Sun, the founder of the GLA Global Logistics Alliance Network, Cai Yuanyou, the General Secretary of the National Logistics Industry Business Association Joint Conference and Chairman of the Xiamen Modern Logistics Industry Chamber of Commerce, Zhou Haidong, the Chairman of the Container Transportation Branch of the Ningbo Transportation and Transport Association, Li Lingxiong, the Secretary-General of the Zhongshan International Freight Forwarders Association, Ngo Khac Le, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Vietnam Logistics Association, Chen Yanping, the deputy general manager of Xiamen Huiying International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., Ding Meirong, the general manager of Mei She International Cargo (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., and other guests gave speeches.

Cai Yuanyou discussed the challenges facing the international logistics industry, focusing on the application of smart logistics, digital technology, and low-carbon operation. He believes that only by strengthening international cooperation and promoting common development of the logistics industries of China and Vietnam can we jointly meet challenges and achieve sustainable development.

Zhou Haidong shared his experience in promoting logistics cooperation between China and Vietnam from the perspective of the Ningbo Transportation and Transport Association. He introduced the efforts made by Ningbo Port to provide convenient and efficient services for China-Vietnam trade and emphasized the importance of mutual cooperation and knowledge sharing among logistics companies.

Li Lingxiong shared the experience and measures of the Zhongshan International Freight Forwarders Association. He believes that logistics companies should be good at using new technologies to improve efficiency and service quality, and actively cooperate with government and business associations to further promote industry development.

From the perspective of Vietnam, Ngo Khac Le shared the current situation and development overview of the local logistics industry. He introduced the efforts made by Vietnam's logistics industry in digital transformation and talent development, and emphasized the importance of strengthening logistics cooperation between China and Vietnam to better meet the needs of bilateral trade.


Ms Grace Sun , President GLA - Global Logistics Alliance

Adhering to the official entry into force of the RCEP agreement and the right timing of global epidemic stabilization, as well as the favorable geographic conditions such as various transportation ports including land, river, railway and sea of China and Vietnam, at the forum, Sun Wenfang, the founder of the GLA Global Logistics Alliance Network, invited Vietnamese companies to join hands with harmonious human relations - to participate in the 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference in Hainan, China. With a global perspective and shared logistics cooperation resources, we will seek long-term development and win-win cooperation in the international logistics field for China and Vietnam, and increase momentum for enterprises to integrate into the open and diverse world stage.


Ngo Khac Le, Deputy Secretary General of the Vietnam Logistics Association

In the witness of all guests, GLA Global Logistics Alliance and Vietnam Logistics Association signed a contract on-site and officially reached strategic cooperation. The two sides will jointly promote international exchanges in the field of logistics, help companies from both countries find more business opportunities.


GLA Global Logistics Alliance Network signs a cooperation agreement with the Vietnam Logistics Association






Trade has roads, logistics has no borders - the GLA Global Travel in Vietnam concluded in the friendly exchange between China and Vietnam. The path of win-win cooperation that extends continuously under our feet guides us towards distant places, and every stop in the future will be a new scenery. GLA Global Logistics Alliance Network is willing to work with you hand in hand to achieve more possibilities!


Group photo of attending entrepreneur representatives

Upcoming Hainan Conference 16th - 18th November 2023

The GLA Global Logistics Conference has been held for eight years, carrying the expectations of logistics partners from over 170 countries around the world for the blue ocean market. Along the way, we have left footprints all over the world: with over 5,000 international members, more than 100,000 business opportunities negotiated, and a cumulative logistics amount of 3 billion USD, driving global trade, commercial flow and capital flow of about 30 billion USD... Each GLA Logistics Enterprise Summit is constantly defining new possibilities, creating a magnificent picture of the development and reform of the international logistics ecology worldwide.

Responding to the needs of the times, The 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference will be held in Hainan from November 16th to 18th, 2023, focusing on the development and application of cutting-edge logistics technology, bringing you the fusion and collision of modern logistics wisdom and technology. With an exhibition area of over 10,000 square meters, more than 200 professional booths, and 50,000+ one-on-one negotiations... Multiple communication sections will be set up on-site, such as government-enterprise communication, business roadshows, and inquiry of business opportunities: at that time, more than 2,000 logistics enterprise representatives and academic experts from over 130 countries around the world will explore the development trends of the international logistics industry, discussing new opportunities for global brand expansion.

As the world looks to China for development, a new momentum of free trade is blowing in Hainan. We sincerely invite you to gather in Hainan, dialogue with the world, and exchange new concepts, models, and methods for the development of the logistics industry. We look forward to your arrival with great sincerity!


The 9th GLA Global Logistics Conference Hainan China

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