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Containers piled up in European ports. Shipping companies will levy container surcharges

Time:2022-08-02 Publisher:Kevin Num:286

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Recently, from German port workers, British railway workers, Belgian trade union workers, Spanish truck drivers, to thousands of employees of European airlines, they have launched protests or strikes.

In the following August, felixto port, the largest container port in Britain, Liverpool pier port and railway workers will continue to protest.

Obviously, the current strike in the European sea, land and air transport industry will lead to port congestion and suspension and supply chain disruption. The shipping date and delivery time will be further delayed.

HMM may impose surcharges

Recently, HMM, a Korean shipping company, announced that due to the increasing congestion in European ports and the increase in the detention time of imported containers, the utilization rate of storage yards continued to rise.

Some experts pointed out that it will have an adverse impact on the operation and throughput of the port. Therefore, more and more port operators are trying to solve the problem of container cleaning through various measures.

This will include transferring containers to a separate storage area or imposing additional one-time charges on imported containers that are stranded for a long time.

Although HMM has raised concerns about these surcharges to the port, HMM also reminds customers to be prepared.

If they are forced to accept any fees, HMM will have no choice but to encourage customers to pick up imported containers as soon as possible within the free period to avoid these surcharges.

Otherwise, the additional surcharge levied by the port operator will only be transferred to the customer in the end. As many charges are urgent, notice may be given in a short time.

Recently, there have been frequent strikes in Europe and the United States, which has extended the problem of port congestion from the United States to Europe,. To a large extent, these strikes have led to the basic paralysis of cargo handling in major European ports.

Gla hereby reminds freight forwarders and shippers that if they are going to ship to European ports recently, they should pay attention to the shipping schedule of major ports and the utilization of storage yards to avoid high costs caused by delayed delivery of goods.

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MSC raises India US trade peak season surcharges

On the other hand, MSC has three flights a week from West India to the east coast of the United States. The company has now significantly increased the peak season surcharge imposed from July 4.

Since August 1, PSS tax has increased from $500 per box to $2000 per box effective July 4.

In addition, MSC has announced a new general tariff increase (GRI) for the same trade route. From August 11, it will start charging gri of $1500 per container for Indian goods destined for the United States and San Juan.

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