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GLA Membership - INTELLOG in Latvia

Time:2019-01-07 Publisher:Amy Num:226

Dear GLA Friends, good day.

Happy new year and hope u have a fruitful year in 2019.

We have the honor to announce that INTELLOG joins GLA family as latvia membership. If you need service from/to Latvia and Russia, you can feel free to contact Mr. Michael in there. Below is his contact details and company brief introduction.


Mr. Michael

Tel: +371 67 630 705
Fax: +371 67 630 706
Mob: +371 27 707 305


Company Introduction:

Intellog SIA Riga, Latvia and Intellog LLC in Moscow, Russia are customer oriented freight forwarders with advanced experience in transit traffic to Russia, Byelorussia and other former Soviet Union countries. We are offering wide range of logistical services for export and import from/to Baltic states


Our experience in international logistics allows us to find flexible

solutions for a range of customer needs. We are keeping cargo moving just

in time, all the way and exactly to their destination.


Services we provide:


- Multimodal transportation 

- FCL delivery for any type of ocean containers;

- Delivery of oversize machinery

- Temperature controlled cargo service

- DG cargo transportation

- Airfreight and AOG cargo delivery, including door to door delivery;

- LCL service via Riga port

- 3PL Logistics

- Rail freight

- Bonded storage and customs clearance services.


Latvia is your best gateway to Russia


Traditionally Latvia ha been a bridge between East and West.

The Port of Riga has always been on trading ways between Europe and Russia.

Latvia has perfect geographical position and probably it is the most

convenient way to deliver cargoes to/from Russian market. Nowadays Latvia

is eastern frontier of the European Union


Why to choose Latvia as gateway to Russia:

- Shortest distance within European ports to Moscow

- Latvia has the same rail gauge with Russia/CIS countries

- Non-congested port of Riga

- Riga port is perfectly linked with N.W. Europe


Welcome INTELLOG to join GLA family as Latvia membership. 

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