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Advertising Services

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Advertising Services

To improve your company's visibility and be easily recognized, we provide the place to put different size of banners in GLA official website. Banners seems like the key to open the business door of your esteemed company.

Please send us the banner quote request : Custom Service

Title[Pixels]Banner descriptionCost/USDStyle
index_banner001[1002px*248px]As active membership in GLA home pageUSD2000/year
index_banner002[630px*160px]As active membership in GLA home pageUSD1000/year
index_banner003[200×150]As strategy partner in GLA home pageUSD1500/year
As cooperative partner GLA member directoryUSD800/year
Other pages bannerUSD500/year
index_right001[260px*52px]As active membership in GLA home pageUSD800/year
member_banner[1000*100]As GLA Exclusive title in GLA member directoryUSD3000/year