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  • The International Co-operation Forum of Latvia and China

    Time: 2018-07-02 | Publisher: Amy

    The International Co-operation Forum of Latvia and China successfully held by GLA Global Logistics Alliance in Shenzhen, China On June 21, 2018.With the continuous advancement of China's “The Belt and Road”. Latvia, as an important node in Europe, has also proposed to open up new markets in Asia and...

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  • GLA Global Logistics Conference will be held during Oct 11-13, 2017 in Shenzhen, China

    Time: 2017-10-10 | Publisher: admin

    2017 GLA Global Logistics Conference Oct 11-13, 2017Shenzhen, China It is our honor to announce that 2017 GLA Global Logistics Conference will be held in Shenzhen, China during 0ct 11-13. We cordially invite you to join us  for expanding your business network and increase business opportunities. GL...

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  • Great Lakes shippers face higher costs under new pilot fee hike

    Time: 2016-12-25 | Publisher: admin

    Great Lakes shipping interests are urging the US Coast Guard to reconsider a proposed new round of ship pilotage rate increases that vessel operators and ports say will force shippers to seek alternatives via Gulf and East coast ports, and even surface transportation.  “Ratepayers cannot be ATMs to fund ever-increasing p...

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  • The 3rd GLA Global Logistics Conference Highlights Global Project Logistics exhibition & One-on-One meeting

    Time: 2016-10-26 | Publisher: test

    The 3rd GLA Global Logistics conference was successfully held in Marco Polo Hotel Shenzhen on Oct 11-13th, 2016. Attendees were over 400 from 23 countries in Project Logistics industry and they had a panel discussion for the world logistics current situation and trend. You had seen the consequences, opportunities and c...

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  • GLA 国际重大件项目物流企业峰会

    Time: 2016-08-16 | Publisher: admin

    GLA 国际重大件项目物流企业峰会时间:2016.10.11-13地点:深圳会展中心主题:共话大件·放眼全球             2016 GLA 国际重大件项目物流企业峰会将于10月11至13日在中国·深圳会展中心举行。此次峰会将邀请海内外各港口400多位重大件项目物流企业,集聚全球资源,搭建共享,共创,共赢平台,拓展国际、国内市场。...

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  • 2016 GLA Global Project Logistics Conference

    Time: 2016-08-16 | Publisher: admin

    2016 GLA Global Project Logistics ConferenceIt is nice to announce that 2016 GLA Global Project Logistics Conference will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, China during 11-13th/Oct. We cordially invite you to come and meet old friends and look for new opportunities. GLA provides ...

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  • US ag exporters demand port reliability to regain market share

    Time: 2016-06-19 | Publisher: admin

    LONG BEACH — Maintaining reliable port and transportation services is by far the most important factor in retaining overseas customers, agricultural exporters meeting in Long Beach said Thursday.The past 18 months have been especially trying times for agricultural exporters. West Coast labor disruptions, port congestion o...

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  • 2016 GLA Conference during 25-27th/may in Zhengzhou, China

    Time: 2016-05-29 | Publisher: admin

    GLA Conference during 25-27th in May,2016 in Zhengzhou, ChinaThe GLA Annual Conference have achieved successfully Combined with China 2016(Henan)international supply chain conference forum at Yellow River Hotel in Henan ,China in 25-27thMay,2016. Attendees including logistic specialist, e...

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