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  • Looking for Agent handling Temporary Import/Export/Clearing

    Good day

    We have an enquiry regarding a temporary import/export in Saudi Arabia and would like to find out the follow information.

    Based on the below shipment details, can we get the info for
    1. Possibility of Temp import & clearing time.
    2. How long temp import will be valid for and can it be extended?
    3. The % of VAT and Duties payable, how long it takes to recover VATs and Duties once temp import has been re-exported.
    4. Is there any special requirements?

    Shipment Details:
    HS Code: 9015.8
    Value: $51 312,17
    Refer export authorization number ZAFTN14-01029-1"
    Inco Term: CPT

  • Looking for an agent

  • Sea&Air Freight Forwarder
  • 2022-01-20

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  • Looking for agents from Saudi Arabia

    "I have following inquiry for shipment from Saudi Arabia to Uzbekistan via Iran or Georgia. I need GLA member in Saudi Arabia to quote me sea freight of 20’ & 40’ cntrs.
    Cargo details as follows:
    20 tons of recycled PET in big bags
    HS code 39076900
    Is there any member in Dammam, Saudi Arabia?"
    The contact is

  • Looking for an agent

  • Sea Freight Forwarder
  • 2021-12-23

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  • Looking for agents from Thailand

    "Please quote for long term all year round project from FOB Bangkok, Thailand to Riyadh Dry port or Dammam Port, Saudi Arabia.
    Remaining requirement for December 2021 is 8X40’ containers. Rate validity till end of December with 21 days free time. Appreciate your
    urgent reply with competetive pricing. Thanks"

  • Looking for an agent

  • Sea Freight Forwarder
  • 2021-12-13

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  • Looking for agents from Switzerland

    "Please advise the agents from Switzerland.
    We have one shipment from Switzerland to Saudi Arabia.
    - 1 case of 105cm x 85cm x 90cmH with a gross weight of 700kg
    - Collection Address Geneva or Bern Switzerland
    - AOD : DMM/RUH Airport
    - Commodity : Valve, non DG"
    Please contact on

  • Looking for an agent

  • Others
  • 2021-12-10

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  • Looking for agents from Saudi Arabia

    "We need destination agent for free hand shipment along with destination local charge. Please find below the details.
    POL : Chittagong
    POD : Dammam, Saudia Arabia.
    Commodity : Food Stuff
    Equipment : 2X40’HC
    Incoterm : CFR

    Please provide destination local charge & MBL consignee details @

  • Looking for an agent

  • Sea Freight Forwarder
  • 2021-12-10

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  • Looking for agents from China

    "Please offer rates for Solar PV panels (30W) from China to Dammam, KSA on Port to Port with Customs clearance and door delivery at Al Bustan, Anak, K.S.A
    Quantity and weight: 350PCS, 620KG with wooden box
    Packing: 2 wooden box , Total size is 1200*550*500mm
    HS code: 8541402000
    Pickup: Shanghai, China
    Delivery: Khaleej Road, Al Bustan, Anak, Saudi Arabia."
    Please send email to

  • Looking for an agent

  • Others
  • 2021-12-09

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