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Outboard Engines

Commodity:Outboard Engines
POL:JAPAN - Shimizu
Cargo Location:JAPAN - Shimizu
Maximum weight per unit:/ Tons
Maximum dimension per unit (L x W x H):m X m X m
Total weight:/ Tons
Total volume: / m3
Packing:CARTONS/ Tons
Berth Requirement:
Stowage Requirement:
Shipping Terms:
Cargo Readiness Time:/ Tons
Expected Valid time: -
Charterer's Freight Idea (USD):
Any Especial Requirement for vessel:
Payment Terms:CC/ Tons
Enquriy Valid until:
Trade Situation:
Dangerous cargoes:
Insurance:No/ Tons
Cargo Stackable:
Remark:This is a very VIP customer of us, due to that we need excellent service from Loading Port.

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