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FedEx will hire three ships to dock at military ports

Time:2022-01-21 Publisher:Kevin Num:466

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The problem of global supply chain tension continues. Port congestion makes many freight forwarders and shippers come up with various ways to reduce its impact.

Just recently, the freight Department of FedEx in the United States rented three cargo ships to transport containers containing goods imported from China to the United States.

It is worth noting that the ship will not stop at LA / LB port, but go to wynemy port 60 miles away from the two ports for unloading.

The port of wainimi is famous for handling ro cargo and container cargo such as cars. The container throughput of the port in 2020 accounts for about 1% of LA / LB port. Last year, many ships avoided the congested LA / LB port and chose to call at the port.

FedEx signed a contract with the head of the port covering three stops. The first ship is a bulk carrier, which will be able to carry 300 53 foot containers. It will depart from Humen (Dongguan) in China on January 4 and is expected to arrive at wynemy port at the end of January.

FedEx spokesman meek said that the second ship would depart from China at the end of January. In another month, a third ship will set out from China, and each ship can carry about 250 containers.

Originally, when freight forwarders need to control transport capacity, they often charter the whole aircraft for transportation. However, in the past two years, due to the full supply of popular routes and the shortage of containers, freight forwarders can only hire small multi-purpose ships for transportation.

It is understood that the port of wainimi has signed a cooperation agreement with the naval base in Ventura County to improve the operation efficiency of the maritime industry. According to the agreement, as long as naval activities are not frequent, they can use the military port for commercial ships. At present, FedEx's ships will dock at this port.

Lange, CEO of FedEx, said that we are happy to cooperate with wynemy port. We will work together to create more value-added solutions for customers and reduce the congestion pressure of LA / LB port.

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