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Under the influence of "Omicron", there is a labor shortage in many ports

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With the emergence and spread of the latest strain "Omicron", many countries have been impacted by the strain. In the shipping industry, the impact has become very serious.

It is reported that under the influence of "Omicron", more and more port workers are infected with the virus. With the increase of workers' infection cases in LA / lb port, the efficiency of container cleaning in the port has decreased a lot.

According to the data of PMA (Pacific Maritime Association), as of January 10, nearly 700 Hong Kong people were unable to work normally due to the epidemic.

McKenna, President of the association, said dozens of workers were infected with the virus every day in the past week. Last Thursday alone, nearly 100 of the 150 port workers tested positive, which can be said to be the worst result.

As we all know, the shortage of labor force is bound to reduce the processing efficiency of the port, but it is true. Data show that more than a dozen ships waited for months at LA / lb port before unloading.

By the end of November last year, the number of ships waiting outside the port had reached 100. The head of the Yusen terminal in Losangeles port said that their employees were forced to take a vacation because of COVID-19, which directly led to the greatly reduced efficiency of the docks.

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Truck drivers in Australia are quarantined

Coincidentally, Australia in the southern hemisphere has been similarly affected. Also suffering from the impact of the epidemic.

It is pointed out that Australia has a serious shortage of logistics labor under the influence of "Omicron". The most serious problem is the driver of truck transportation.

In a COVID-19 test, nearly half of the truck drivers tested positive, and they were isolated for some time. This means that it will be difficult for goods to circulate to the market.

Some merchants said that because of the delay in delivery, the store has been seriously out of stock. Some businesses also restrict the purchase of some goods in order to prolong the supply of goods.

At present, the shortage of labor force has brought serious cargo accumulation, resulting in serious congestion in the port. To this end, Maersk announced that it would stop connecting with Brisbane port in Australia.

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