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The naval base supports LA / LB port. Retailers build storage yards

Time:2021-12-03 Publisher:Kevin Num:976

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The global supply chain tension continues. In order to clean up the cargo piled up in the port, the United States did everything possible.

With the arrival of the peak consumption season at the end of the year, a steady flow of imported goods poured into the west American port. This makes the congestion of LA / lb port worse.

Recently, hueneme port, north of Los Angeles, announced that the U.S. Navy would open all its facilities. The purpose is to support LA / lb port to clean up goods to reduce congestion.

It is understood that hueneme port is the West Coast home port of "Seabee", an engineering force of the US Navy. The port carries $10.85 billion worth of goods every year.

According to the agreement reached between hueneme port and the naval base, the naval base pier 3, two buildings and 31 acres of land were opened to store goods.

In the following period of time, cargo ships from the port can dock at Terminal 3 of the naval base and unload containers. Originally used for warships, the wharf is now temporarily used to store goods.

It is understood that the agreement is scheduled for 2002, when hueneme port signed a long-term joint use agreement with the naval base. Allow spending on commercial supply chain logistics in emergencies.

Previously, the port of savannah in the United States had planned to use a small airport in Georgia as a temporary container yard. The airport can store about 900 containers and can accommodate about 78000 TEU a year, which can solve the problem of insufficient port infrastructure capacity.

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Retailers save themselves

Wal Mart, a world-renowned retailer, built a temporary container yard in an open space near LA / lb port. The purpose is to store containers outside the wharf and reduce the pressure on the port.

Recently, Joe Metzger, vice president of Wal Mart's operations, released a photo on social media, showing the yard full of containers and waiting trucks.

It said that this open space can now handle more than 500 containers a day, and also provide an inventory site for our customers.

In fact, Wal Mart is not the first company to transform the open space into a temporary storage yard. The chief operating officer of Georgia Port Authority said on November 30 that several retailers operating in Savannah port have opened temporary storage yards near the port.

This approach can not only help the terminal to make more space, but also allow shippers to avoid additional costs.

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